Your question: What motorcycles were used in The Wild One?

James Dean bought a Triumph TR5 Trophy motorcycle to mimic Brando’s own Triumph Thunderbird 6T motorcycle that he used in the film.

What kind of motorcycle did Lee Marvin ride in The Wild One?

The black rebel motorcycle The wild one

Brando the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club ride Triumphs while Lee Marvin and his gang ride Harley-Davidsons.

Was the wild one based on a true story?

The plot is loosely based on a 1947 incident in which the town of Hollister, California, was inundated by biker gangs. In the film, Brando and Lee Marvin played rival gang leaders Johnny and Chino, respectively. After Chino is arrested by a small-town sheriff (played by Robert Keith), his gang goes on a rampage.

Why was the wild one banned in the UK?

The Wild One tapped into real fears and social concerns at the time about juvenile delinquency and gang violence. … The Wild One remained banned until 1967 when the BBFC granted it an ‘X’ certificate, having considered that the passage of time had reduced the impact and relevance of the film to late 1960s teenagers.

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What would you rebel against Johnny?

Quotes. Mildred : Hey Johnny, what are you rebelling against? Johnny : Whadda you got? Johnny : [as Charlie and other townsmen beat him up] My old man used to hit harder than that.

What kind of dirt bike did John Connor ride in Terminator 2?

The dirt bike used by Jon Connor was not a Yamaha DT50. The bike used by Edward Furlong was a 1990 Honda XR80, while the one used by his stund double was a XR100 of the same year. Both bikes had their front and side number plates removed, and were dirtied up to give them an older look.

What are you rebelling against Meaning?

The idiomatic meaning is “What are my options?” In the context of the movie’s question this would mean “What are the things I might rebel against.” Most native American English speakers would have immediately comprehended the idiomatic meaning and how it applied in this situation. – Hot Licks Jan 27 ’16 at 2:30. 1.

Where is Wild Ones filmed?

Hundreds of Cariboo-Chilcotin viewers will be tuning into the History Channel Monday, Jan. 20, for The Wild Ones, a new docu-series filmed in Xeni Gwet’in First Nation territory, Williams Lake and points in between.

How did Marlon Brando die?

But on July 1, 2004, at age 80, he died of respiratory failure at UCLA Medical Center. In his will, Brando named producer Mike Medavoy, a longtime friend, as executor of his estate.

Who said what are you rebelling against what have you got?

The Wild One1953

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Hey, Johnny, what are you rebelling against?

What is the movie Wild one about?

Johnny (Marlon Brando) and his motorcycle gang roll into Carbonville for a biker competition and raise enough hell to get kicked out of town. They repair to nearby Wrightsville and continue their reign of terror. The local sheriff (Robert Keith) is helpless to stop them, but when a rival gang arrives, he manages to arrest their leader, Chino (Lee Marvin). Meanwhile, Johnny finds himself attracted to the sheriff’s daughter, Kathie (Mary Murphy), and decides to stick around.

What is the wild one rated?

The Wild One

Directed by László Benedek
RYM Rating 3.13 / 5.0 from 436 ratings
Ranked #80 for 1953
Language English
Genres Drama, Bikersploitation Romance