What does changing the front sprocket on a motorcycle do?

Adding teeth to the front and rear sprockets have opposite effects. Installing a larger countershaft sprocket creates higher gearing, while a larger rear sprocket lowers gearing. Similarly, a smaller front sprocket lowers the gearing while a smaller rear sprocket makes gearing higher.

What does changing front sprocket do?

Gearing up adds more speed and decreases the final drive ratio. You can gear down by using a larger rear sprocket or a smaller front sprocket. … For every 1 tooth that you change on the front sprocket is like changing 3 to 4 teeth on the rear (and that’s true for higher gearing ratios, too).

How does changing sprocket size affect speed?

Substituting a larger front or smaller rear sprocket lowers the ratio (sometimes called “taller” gearing), resulting in more speed for a given engine rpm. Likewise, a smaller front or larger rear sprocket gives less speed for a given rpm (“shorter” gearing).

Does changing sprockets affect engine?

Changing the gear ratio will have little to no impact on the engine for a short duration.

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Should I change the front or rear sprocket?

Doing the rear is better from a chain and sprocket wear perspective. A smaller front sprocket will excert more force on the chain and wear it and the sprocket faster which is why most will tell you to do the rear. If changing front, I would recommend against more than -1.

How can I reduce my sprocket speed?

A bigger rear sprocket/ smaller front sprocket will give you an increase in acceleration but decrease your top speed. A smaller rear sprocket/bigger front sprocket will reduce you acceleration but increase the ceiling for top speed.

Is more teeth on a sprocket better?

Adding teeth to the front and rear sprockets have opposite effects. Installing a larger countershaft sprocket creates higher gearing, while a larger rear sprocket lowers gearing. … For taller gearing, a one-tooth-larger countershaft sprocket is often the best bet.

What sprocket is best for wheelies?

If your wanting to do long street wheelies, then a smaller 14t front sprocket and a little clutch dump will do the trick. IMHO , stunting slower stuff with bigger sprockets are A LOT safer than faster wheelies.

What sprocket is best for torque?

Use rear sprockets to get close, front sprockets to fine tune. Larger rear sprocket, smaller front. Ratio 3 teeth on the rear equals 1 tooth on the front. Up 3 on the rear for torque or down 1 on the front.

How do I increase the top speed of my motorcycle?

5) Gearing – A motorcycle can be made quicker or much faster by making changes in the gearing of the same. The right combination of front and rear sprocket can help you get the best combination of acceleration and top speed. Changing the number of teeth makes all the difference.

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Does changing sprockets affect speedometer?

The speedo drive is taken from the gearbox, so the speedo would be out by the percentage change in the gearing. A front sprocket one tooth bigger and rear sprocket two teeth smaller would give 15.75mph per 1000 rpm, an increase of nearly 13%.

Who makes the best motorcycle sprockets?

JT Sprockets is the world’s leading brand of sprockets for motorcycles and ATVs. Using only the finest raw materials and using cutting edge technology in their production, our range gives you the ultimate in replacement sprockets at unbeatable value.

How can I speed up my chain drive?

To speed up a drive, you can either make the Driver larger or the Driven smaller. Either is acceptable. Since changes to your pulley sizes proportionately effect the speed, you can easily determine the needed sizes of the new pulleys.

What is the best chain and sprocket set?

Top 10 Dirt Bike Chain and Sprocket sets 2021

  1. Tag Chain and Sprocket Kit. …
  2. Talon Dirt Bike Chain and Sprocket kit. …
  3. Pro Taper Dirt Bike Chain and Sprocket kit. …
  4. Dirt Tricks Chain and Sprocket Kit. …
  5. Sunstar Chain and Aluminium Sprocket Combo. …
  6. Turner Performance Products Sprocket and Chain Kit.


How do you calculate sprocket torque?

Subtract the new drive ratio from the old sprocket setup drive ratio (in our example 2.63 less 2.76 equals -0.13). Divide this mathematical difference (in our case a negative value) by the original drive ratio value (-0.13/2.76 equals -0.047).