How should motorcycle pants fit?

Fit. They should be a little bit long in standing position so that they aren’t too short when you’re sitting on the bike. If you ride a sportbike, touring pants will be uncomfortable. … Some pants don’t taper enough at the knees and are only snug on the bike.

How tight should motorcycle pants fit?

The pants should be snug but not overly tight. Armor should stay in place.

How should Motorcycle leather trousers fit?

Make sure they fit

As with your jacket, there should be no tight spots where the leather is pinching your skin. Most people wear their trousers either over their underwear or an undersuit, so it’s a good idea to find a showroom with a changing room!

What motorcycle pants should I get?

What to look for:

  • Heavy textile (600D or greater) or leather construction.
  • CE-approved flexible or hard armor in knees/hips.
  • Memory foam inserts for impact absorption.
  • Stretch panels and adjustable fit.
  • Reflective piping or logos.
  • Zippers/snaps to attach to jacket.
  • Knee pucks (for sport riding pants)


Do you really need motorcycle pants?

Motorcycle pants are usually the piece of gear that the vast majority of riders choose not to wear. … They just don’t look like normal pants. Most people think jeans are enough protection, but that simply is not true. Jeans will get shredded in just a couple feet of sliding on the pavement and offer no protection at all.

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Should motocross pants be tight?

When purchasing pants, waist size, leg length, and knee room are the 3 main factors you should take into consideration. A waist too tight may result in serious discomfort whilst riding; a waist that is too loose can fall down and be a massive distraction when out on the track. … You’ll need the legs to match your waist.

Are Kevlar jeans as good as leathers?

Can Kevlar jeans protect you as well as leather riding pants can? The short answer is no. Leather provides better protection against abrasion. … But, Kevlar riding jeans can still be a viable option for riders looking for style, comfort and protection.

Can you wear jeans on a motorcycle?

For years, this meant riding around in plain, thick cotton, but with the introduction of Kevlar and other aramid linings, while they’re potentially not as safe as leathers can be, a good-quality pair of motorcycle riding jeans can offer very good protection, while still looking great off the bike.

Do motorcycle pants go over jeans?

Jeans, although very popular among motorcycle riders, are probably the least comfortable pants to wear as a bas layer under your riding pants. … While jeans, especially kevlar jeans, may be an option for daily riding or commuting, they don’t make a good base layer.

Will leather motorcycle pants stretch?

Both the guys at Revzilla and the Dainese store recommended I get one size smaller in the leather because they said it will stretch. They said if you get them too big after they stretch they will look baggy and not fit well.

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Should I size up for leather trousers?

Keep in mind, leather does stretch out.

Seek a snug fit, but don’t go down a size when buying a pair.

How do you break in leather motorcycle pants?

Best way to break them in quickly is to go out riding your bike on a showery day so they get damp and keep riding it until they are dry again. Give them some leather treatment when you get back and they will fit like a glove.

What are the safest motorcycle pants?

The Andes V2 Drystar is a 4-season pant that offers ventilation, warmth, and waterproof protection for any riding condition. These are made from reinforced poly-fabric textile with breathable construction. Protection includes hip and knee pads that can also be removed and upgraded to CE-certified Nucleon inserts.

How do I keep my motorcycle pants from riding up?

So, what’s it all about? It’s simply using BOOT STRAPS to hold down your motorcycle pants and prevent them from exposing your feet when riding on the freeway. The straps come specially designed to keep the pant legs down and in place.