Can motorcycle forks be straightened?

Yes they can be straightened to a certain degree. I do them but if they have any bends in them, you cannot straighten them. If they are too close to the bottom, they are trashed and no one can straighten them.

Can bent forks be straightened?

If they are only out of alignment, they are easily straightened, and there are plenty of posts that explain it better than I can. If they are really bent, that’s a different story. I think it would take more than a slight gravel road mishap to really bend the forks…but it could easily knock them out of alignment.

Can you repair bent motorcycle forks?

As a motorcycle suspension specialist we off a fork straightening to bring your forks back to new. The fork straightening service is a fantastic way of economically repairing a mildly bent pair of forks instead of buying new. …

How do you straighten a fork tube?

Put a dial indicator on the tube close to the ram, put a block under the ram and come down with the press until fork bends opposite the same amount as the bend. Let it off and see where you are. If it didn’t move, double the movement on the next round. If it did move, repeat until you get it straight as you need.

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Can you fix bent forks?

Yeah, just take the front wheel off and stick a 2×4 or whatever in there, get a helper to hold the handlebars and twist it slowly back into position. If it’s just twisted, you should be able to fix it. But if both sides are bent backwards don’t waste your time. There are fork alignment tools for this exact problem.

How do I align my dropouts?

Procedure for Dropout Alignment

  1. Pull FFG-2 fully up into dropout. Hold threaded shaft and secure T-handle clockwise firmly against dropout. …
  2. Adjust bushings until there is a slight gap between them. Move threaded bushings side to side until gap is centered in dropouts.


How do you spread bike forks?

Thread the nuts onto the rod, put the washers on the outside of the nuts and adjust the distance between them until the washers will just fit inside the fork dropouts. Back out one of the nuts slowly to spread the fork blades. Stop often and check your progress. Continue until the new hub will just fit.

How can you tell if a triple tree is bent?

If tubes appear bent, roll them to be sure. Or clamp in vice and put a dial indicator on and rotate the tube. Bent triples can be found by removing the front axel. If it’s hard to line up (the front axel) and the forks aren’t bent, you triples need to be straightened or replaced.