Your question: What is the best Enduro mountain bike?

What is the best Enduro MTB?

Best enduro mountain bikes

  • Yeti SB150. Carbon art presented as an enduro bike. …
  • Specialized S-Works Enduro. Blurring the lines between downhill bike and enduro bike. …
  • Pivot Switchblade XTR. Less travel but not undergunned. …
  • Santa Cruz Megatower. …
  • Nukeproof Mega 290 RS. …
  • Commencal Clash Race. …
  • Trek Slash 9.8 29. …
  • Giant Reign 29.


What is the fastest Enduro MTB?

On our test track, the Yeti was by far the fastest bike with an average time (all runs, all riders) of 2 minutes 22 seconds – on a size medium!

What enduro bike has the most travel?

The Yeti SB150 is a popular, podium-winning enduro MTB racing bike with a super-long wheelbase and massive amounts of travel. You get a full 170mm upfront and 150mm rear, which when combined with the 29″ wheels and extended reach makes this the 4×4 of MTBs.

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What are enduro bikes good for?

29ers are popular for the same reasons they work on XC machines: their stability and trail-smoothing ground approach angle equal smooth, fast riding. … The stems on enduro bikes tend to be shorter than on XC bikes, and the bars wider, while wheels and tires are lighter and less aggressive than those used for downhill.

What is the difference between enduro and trail MTB?

Enduro Bikes Have Longer Wheelbases than Trail Bikes

The longer the bike, the more stable it is. … Wheelbase is where we see a big difference between trail and enduro bikes. The average 27.5″ enduro bike has a wheelbase 40mm longer than a 27.5″ trail bike, and 29″ enduro bikes are 43mm longer, on average.

What’s the difference between enduro and trail MTB?

Longer, lower and slacker than both XC and Trail bikes, Enduro bikes are all about enjoying the downs. … A longer reach figure allows the rider to get lower on technical descents whereas a Trail bike rivaling seat tube angle ensures that riders can climb the up trail with ease for another lap.

Is 170mm travel too much for trail riding?

It’s not bad for a 170mm bike, but it’s a lot of a ‘trail’ bike. … Very chuckable bike. Has a fair bit of carbon on it. I could get a carbon Nomad with the same travel though and get it down 5lbs maybe.

Should I buy a downhill or enduro bike?

Downhill bikes are a lot of fun if you are fully pinned or sending very big jumps. If you’re not always riding the hardest trails in the bike park or charging down the steepest and roughest terrain, grab an Enduro bike.

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Should I get an enduro or trail bike?

For most riding, a trail bike rides fine, if you want to cover the spectrum of riding INCLUDING stuff that is straight “DH” riding (where people will do shuttle runs), then an enduro bike kind of makes sense IMO.

What is the best all around mountain bike?


  1. Ibis – Ripmo V2 XT DVO ‘2021 Best mountain bike for the money for sure! …
  2. Specialized – Stumpjumper Comp. MSRP $4,200 Mikes Bikes. …
  3. Salsa – Horsethief. …
  4. Salsa – Blackthorn Carbon SLX …
  5. Pivot – Switchblade. …
  6. Santa Cruz – Hightower. …
  7. Cannondale – Habit 4. …
  8. Juliana – Maverik.


Are Enduro bikes good for jumping?

Can an Enduro Bike Handle the Jumps and Drops Going Downhill? Absolutely. Enduro bikes are hearty and can handle most gnarly trails. … They aren’t quite as heavy duty as trail bikes on the trails, and they aren’t quite as fast as xc bikes on singletracks.

Is Enduro same as all mountain?

all-mountain bikes are the centerpiece of the race format called “Enduro,” where climbing is necessary, but only the downhill sections are timed and scored on. … Enduro mountain bikes come with 27.5” or 29” wheels, or even mixed “mullet” sizes with 29” in the front and 27.5” in the rear.

What is the difference between motocross and enduro?

The main differences between the two are transmission ratios, wide ratio for enduro, more flywheel weight for better low end torque on the enduro, lights on the enduro, and a bigger gas tank on the enduro, and stiffer suspension on the motocross. Motocross only has to be light and fast.

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What’s the difference between XC and Enduro?

Enduro tracks are more technical than XC which involves bigger drops and jump sections to fuel your adrenaline thirst. … Enduro riders generally choose full-suspension bikes with larger width tires, longer rear suspension travel and longer front suspension travel.

What is the difference between an enduro bike and a downhill bike?

Downhill runs usually last between three and five minutes. An enduro race will usually be across two days, and you’re often out on the bike all day. Within this you complete multiple stages of durations often exceeding 10 minutes, and total race time can be close to an hour.