You asked: What size tire is on a BMX bike?

Size Description Fits
Junior Slightly larger frame than Mini, 165-mm cranks, 20 x 1 3/8″ tires 6 to 9 years old
Expert Longer top tube than Junior, 170-mm cranks, 20 x 1.5-1.75″ tires 9 to 13 years old
Pro “Full-size” frame, 175-180-mm cranks, 20 x 1.75-2.2″ tires 12 and up

What age is a 20 inch BMX bike for?

BMX Bikes – Size Guide

20″ wheel BMX bikes are ridden by children and adults of all sizes but the minimum age for this style of bike would be between 7 and 8 years.

How do I know what size BMX tires I need?

Buy tires about 2.125 inches wide if you’re a freestyle or flatland rider with a pro-size bike. The wider tires give you more balance and control. Ask for tires about 1.75 inches for expert freestyle frame sizes, 1.3 inches for junior and 1.1 inches wide for mini frames.

What is the average BMX tire size?

BMX Bikes come in multiple wheel sizes, ranging from 12” to 24”, with 20” being the most popular. 20” Wheels are the most common and are the true size for BMX. The Top Tube (TT) measurement is the most important measurement when considering a new bike.

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What size tire is on a 20 inch BMX bike?

The 20-inch black Goodyear BMX tire is designed to fit any 20-inch bike. Keep your bike running smoothly for the foreseeable future with this Goodyear 20” BMX Bicycle Tire.


Brand Goodyear Tires
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 6.00 x 5.80 x 5.00 Inches

Can adults ride 20 inch bikes?

Smaller bikes fit neatly into the category of children’s cycles, while larger two-wheelers are designed for older children, teenagers, and adults. Not so with the 20-inchers. This strange size category includes bicycles for riders of virtually every size and persuasion.

Can a 10 year old ride a 20 inch bike?

Most 8 and 9-year-olds will fit on a 20-inch wheel bike. Meanwhile, a 10-year-old (or older) will likely use the 24-inch size. Keep in mind that if your 10-year-old is smaller, they may still be more comfortable with a 20-inch bike wheel.

Is 24 inch bike for adults?

A woman can ride a 24-inch bike when she meets the weight limits and her height is compatible with the bike. If you are finding it hard to get an adult bike, then opting for a 24-inch kid’s bike can be a loophole for you. Bookmark the permalink.

Why are BMX bikes so small?

Why are the bikes so small? … The bikes usually have 20-inch rim wheels and only have one gear. They’re designed to have a resistant frame to support the riders’ jumps throughout the course.

Are all BMX bikes 20 inch?

They usually have 20-inch wheels (24-inch-wheel “cruisers” are the exception), knobby tires, upright handlebars with crossbars, small saddles, long cranks and rear hand brakes. The frames are light and sturdy, and the higher the price, the lighter these bikes get. … BMX bikes also come in different frame sizes.

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Is a 20 inch BMX bike for adults?

Adult size BMX bikes for a rider 160cm + tall: You’ll find 20 inch wheeled BMX bikes with top tubes ranging from 20.5″ to 21.25″. During our years of riding BMX, we’ve found that these size bikes are the best choice for taller riders to excel on. …

Can adults ride BMX bikes?

yes, adults can ride BMX bikes. There isn’t an age limit attached to BMX bikes when it comes to being too old. In fact, a lot of professional BMX riders are in the lower to middle-age group of adults to begin with. Even if you’re a bit older and you’ve never used a BMX bike before, what’s stopping you from riding one?

Should I get a dirt jumper or BMX?

A BMX bike won’t soar like a dirt jumper will, so making those long and high jumps will be much more difficult on a BMX bike on certain tracks. If you want to perform some serious dirt jumps, stick to a dirt jumper bike.

What size bike wheel should I get for my height?

Road bikes

Inseam Height Road bike wheel size
31″ to 33″ 5′ 10″ to 6′ 3″ Bikes with 26″, 29″, and 700cc wheels may fit this rider.
33″ to 35″ 6′ 2″ to 6′ 5″ Bikes with 26″, 29″, and 700cc wheels may fit this rider.
Greater than 35″ 6′ 4″ to 6′ 6″ Bikes with 26″, 29″, and 700cc wheels may fit ths rider.

What is the biggest bike tire size?

A 700C tire would have the smallest width and volume, while the 700A would have the largest.. If you have a bike that’s more than 25 years old, things get more tricky. 26″ is particularly problematic. 26″ has been used to describe several different and mutually incompatible tire sizes.

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What size tire do I need for 24 inch rims?

Tire Sizes by Wheel Diameter

24″ Options
255/30-24 285/40-24 305/35-24
285/30-24 295/30-24 315/35-24
285/35-24 295/35-24 355/25-24