What should I carry in my mountain bike pack?

Tool Kit: A basic tool kit should have at least the following, tire levers, a bike-specific multitool, a few links of chain, a quicklink/masterlink, and zip-ties. Riders going on longer mountain bike rides might want to carry additional tools and spare parts like an extra derailleur hanger and spare shifter cable.

What should I put in my mountain bike pack?

Kit list for proper rides

  1. Two inner tubes. One tube just won’t cut it. …
  2. Decent mini-pump. When you’re out on the hills you don’t want to be struggling with a rinky-dink mini-pump. …
  3. Multi-tool with built-in chain tool. …
  4. Tyre levers. …
  5. Puncture repair kit. …
  6. Shock pump. …
  7. Jacket. …
  8. First Aid kit.


What should I carry in my bike pack?

Bikepacking Checklist

  • Bike gear: This includes things like your bike, helmet, packs and lights.
  • Shelter: Remember your tent, tarp, bivy or hammock.
  • Sleep system: A sleeping bag and pad are the two must-have items.
  • Cooking: Bring a stove, fuel, lighter, mug, pot and spork.

What does every mountain biker need?

Gear Options

  • Lock.
  • Water bottles with cages.
  • Cycling computer and/or GPS.
  • Compass.
  • Saddle or handlebar bag.
  • Wrist altimeter.
  • Headlight.
  • Taillight.
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What is an epic mountain bike ride?

To us, “epic” defines a ride that you’ll remember for the rest of your life; rides that you’ll tell stories about for years to come. For one of many reasons: the pain you endured, the landscape you rode through, the distance you covered, the challenges you overcame, or the combination of all the above.

How do you pack a bike for touring?


  1. 2 pairs of riding shorts (we recommend padded shorts and that you try them out before your tour)
  2. 2 riding jerseys (quick-dry)
  3. 2 pairs of quick dry socks for cycling.
  4. Comfortable shoes for biking and walking.
  5. Riding gloves.
  6. 2-3 tee-shirts or casual shirts.
  7. Trousers or jeans.

What is the best bike for Bikepacking?

Singletrack: Rigid mountain bikes and hardtail mountain bikes are popular options for bikepacking tours that take you on occasional singletrack. A mountain bike with front suspension will smooth out your ride and make it easier to navigate up and over roots and rocks.

Where do you put your sleeping bag on bike pack?

Quick Tips: First pack your sleeping pad flat (not rolled) on the bottom of the saddle bag, then pack everything around it. This allows you to keep the heaviest item closest to the seat post, and for you to pack your sleeping bag and/or bivy into every crevice in the nose of the bag.

How do you dress like a mountain biker?

What to Wear Mountain Biking Checklist

  1. Helmet.
  2. Chamois or padded liner shorts.
  3. Mountain bike shorts.
  4. Mountain bike jersey.
  5. Mountain bike gloves.
  6. Tall socks.
  7. Mountain bike shoes.
  8. Glasses or goggles.
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What are the best shoes for mountain biking?

The 13 Best Mountain Bike Shoes You Can Buy Right Now

  • Most Comfortable. Pearl Izumi X-Alp Elevate. backcountry.com. $150.00. …
  • Best Women’s Lace-Up. Giro Empire W VR90. competitivecyclist.com. $179.95. …
  • Best Value Women’s Shoe. Shimano SH-XC5. backcountry.com. $127.50. …
  • Best Flat Shoe. Five Ten Freerider Pro. rei.com. …
  • Best Unisex XC Shoe. Specialized S-Works Recon. competitivecyclist.com.


What is the best backpack for mountain biking?

So just what are the best mountain biking packs of 2021?

Comparison Table.

Best Feature Check price for Osprey Raptor 14 Best Overall MTB Backpack Raptor 14 Osprey Check Price
Total Volume Total Volume 14L/850CI
Hydration Pocket Capacity Hydration Pocket Capacity 2.5L
Helmet Attachement Helmet Attachement Lid-Lock

What tools do I need for mountain biking?

Here’s a list of basic tools that all mountain bikers should own at home to get them through the most common of repairs, maintenance and to get the best experience when out riding.

  • Allen keys (AKA hex wrenches) …
  • Torx keys. …
  • Chain cleaner (or brush and bucket) …
  • Chain checker. …
  • Shock pump. …
  • Accurate floor pump or pressure gauge.