What is difference between mens and womens bike seats?

A man’s seat is usually narrow and long, while that of a woman is wide and short. A woman’s seat is wide to reflect their generally wide hips. Women have their pelvic bones set wider apart than men, hence the wide seats.

Are mens and womens bike seats different?

There are indeed different seats for men and woman. … Men and women have different hips. So, if you’re using a bike for a long period it is advisable to choose a saddle that fits your body. Women saddles are wider and shorter, while men’s saddles are longer and narrow.

Can a man use a women’s bike seat?

They tend to be shorter and wider. Not sure why they’d be shorter but why they are wider probably speaks for itself. It’s not problem for a male to use them. Or if it is a problem it’s not unique to it being a woman’s saddle…..it’s that it’s just not right as could be the case with a men’s saddle.

Why are mens bike seats so uncomfortable?

They’re narrow and firm because big saddles cause chafing when they interfere with pedaling, and soft seats compress putting pressure on all your soft tissues (including your pudendal nerve which can lead to chronic groin pain) not just the bits beneath your ischial tuberosities (aka sit bones) where your butt quickly …

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What is the most comfortable bike seat for a woman?

Our pick of the best women’s saddles

  • Specialized Oura Expert Gel women’s saddle. …
  • Specialized S-Works Power saddle. …
  • Specialized Power MIMIC Expert women’s saddle. …
  • Specialized Romin Evo Mimic. …
  • Fizik Luce women’s saddle. …
  • Selle Italia Lady Gel Flow women’s saddle. …
  • Selle Italia SLR Lady Flow women’s saddle. …
  • ISM PN 1.1 Saddle.


What is the best bike seat for a woman?

6 Totally Awesome Women’s Saddles

  • For Road Riding: Terry Butterfly Carbon Saddle. Terry. …
  • For Mountain Bike Racing: Ergon SMR3 Pro Carbon. ergon. …
  • For Road Racers: Specialized Power Pro Saddle. …
  • For Cyclocross Racers: SDG’s Allure. …
  • For Larger Riders: Terry Liberator X Gel. …
  • For Mountain Bike Shredding: Specialized Myth Comp Saddle.


Why do women’s bike seats have holes?

Many saddles have a hole or relief in the front of the saddle to allow for a forward rotated pelvic position without putting excess pressure on soft tissue. Most women’s saddles today have this cutout or relief. … If you are riding in an upright position you may not need or want a saddle with this cutout.

Is biking good for your butt?

Cycling works your legs and glutes, especially when you are climbing, but it does not last long enough or provide enough resistance to build big muscles. Overall, cardio activity such as cycling will be better at burning fat surrounding your glute muscles than it will be at making your butt bigger.

Why do womens bikes have bigger seats?

A woman’s seat is wide to reflect their generally wide hips. Women have their pelvic bones set wider apart than men, hence the wide seats. A major concern for both men and women is too much pressure that can affect the flow of blood to the genitals. This means that the design of a seat is important.

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Are bike seats uncomfortable?

There are multiple reasons why bike seats might be uncomfortable. Bicycle seats aren’t meant to carry the riders full weight, but only their sit bones. Their unusual shape allows thighs to move freely when cycling. Proper rider form and seat adjustment can also make a big difference in comfort.

Are all bike seats uncomfortable?


It is not uncommon for new cyclists (in all disciplines) to be uncomfortable standing or shifting their weight around on the saddle. Small shifts of your weight and standing to climb can help reduce and shift the loads so your weight isn’t just in one small area.

Do bike seats get more comfortable?

Roadies know that new saddles can be a bit hard, and the only way to make them as comfortable as possible is to keep riding your bike while sitting on it. Eventually, you’ll get used to the seat. … Probably the saddle doesn’t fit your sit bones as it should and instead exerts pressure on the fleshy parts of your bottom.

Is gel or memory foam better for bike seat?

Road riders favor foam as it provides more support than gel while still delivering comfort. For longer rides, riders over 200 lbs. or riders with well-conditioned sit bones, firmer foam is preferred as it doesn’t compact as quickly as softer foam or gel.

What is the most comfortable bike seat for seniors?

Bicycle Seats For Seniors

  • Cloud 9 Metroline Bike Seat. $36.99.
  • Cloud 9 Metroline Airflow Bike Seat. $36.99.
  • Cloud 9 Comfort Ladies Bike Seat. (11) $29.75.
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