Quick Answer: Can you use car grease for bikes?

That is all. Bike grease is esentially rebranded automotive grease so yeah that’ll work. Like people have said, it’s good for bearings and can also be used for screw threads (if you don’t have threadlocker, though never use threadlocker for pedal threads, there only grease works).

Can you use any grease on bikes?

For these applications, any reasonably thick grease should suffice. … It’s important to have a grease that is thin enough not to hinder the movement of the bearings, and thick enough to prevent contact between the bearing and the cup / cone. This is where bicycle specific greases are appropriate.

What can I use instead of bike grease?

Any general automotive grease works. It’s cheap and you can find it almost anywhere. Timkin high-temp automotive bearing grease. It’s great stuff!

What kind of grease do I use for bicycle bearings?

Lithium greases. Most widely used grease type. Widely available, at a low price. Fulfills all the criteria a bicycle bearing grease should satisfy.

What grease should I use on my bike pedals?

According to the research by a statutory organization, it’s been found that polyurea greases are the best grade lubricants for ball bearings. This is because these greases help protect important parts of your bike like the pedals even under extreme weather and riding conditions.

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Can you use Vaseline as bike grease?

Once the thinner evaporates, Vaseline will do its best to make your chain running quietly. The die-hard riders who prefer drifting in mud would probably use some more durable agent containing even more sticky Vaseline-like substance as for example the Bike WorkX Extreme lube.

Should you grease bike pedals?

Before screwing in the pedals, you need to grease them. … Grease is water resistant and helps protect the treads of the pedal and crank from corrosion.

Is White Lithium Grease good for bicycle bearings?

White lithium grease for bike bearings keeps the bike’s components moving smoothly, free of friction, getting stuck, and seizing. … White lithium grease is not just for bike bearings.

Do bicycle bearings need grease?

Most people don’t realize this, but your bike needs maintenance. Your axle bearings needs to be cleaned and repacked with grease every 500 miles (100 on a mountain bike).

How often should I grease my bike bearings?

Best practice 1-2 years depending on use and grease quality. If you’re cycling in a lot of rain or off-road 3-9 months is a better bet. If it’s a cheap bb and you don’t care about failure then let it eat so long as it’s adjusted and running smooth.

Can I use chain lube instead of grease on pedals?

It’s better than nothing, but it will get washed out pretty quickly. It won’t harm anything but you should reinstall with proper grease (or anti-seize which is even better) once you have a chance to get some.

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Can you use anti-seize on bike pedals?

Pedals are an excellent example of a component that is perfect for anti-seize. It’s a fitting that you know you will need to break loose at some point but not one typically requiring frequent removal.