Question: How do I claim theft on my bike?

How do I claim my bike in case of theft?

Largely speaking, for bike theft you would need:

  1. Insurance policy documentation.
  2. Photocopy of driving license.
  3. Photocopy of RC book.
  4. FIR copy in original.
  5. Duly filled claim form.
  6. Relevant RTO papers with required forms such as form 28, 29, 30 and 35.

Does insurance cover bike theft?

Theft Insurance in Two Wheeler Insurance:

Any day, the chances of a bike getting stolen are higher than that of a car. … A comprehensive bike insurance policy covers the theft of your bike. If you don’t have comprehensive two-wheeler insurance, then you will face a huge loss if your bike is stolen.

Is it worth it to report a stolen bike?

Report It. If your bike is stolen, make sure to report the crime to local police (no, don’t call 911 unless it’s a theft in progress). If the cops don’t know your bike is stolen, they can’t get it back to you.

What to do when a bike is stolen?

What to do if your bike is stolen

  1. Contact the police. If your bike is stolen, you’ll need to file a police report. …
  2. Register your bike. Even if you didn’t register your bike before it was stolen, you can do so after. …
  3. Alert local pawn shops. It might not do you any good, but it can’t hurt to try. …
  4. Check local ads. Not every criminal is a mastermind.
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How do I write a complaint to a police bike for theft?

Dear Sir, i m writing this letter to inform you that my bike has been stolen by someone. This incident was done on 15 August 2017.My request to you is to find the theif and return my bike as soon as possible.

What should be the IDV of my bike?

Depreciation rates for your Bike

Age of the Bike Depreciation %
2-3 years 30%
3-4 years 40%
4-5 years 50%
5+ years IDV mutually decided by the insurance provider and policyholder

Do police find stolen bikes?

You might think the police will do nothing. You might think it’s a waste of time. But the fact is that almost half of stolen bikes are eventually recovered by the police. … But if they recover a stolen bike and you’ve filed a report with a serial number, they’ll link it to you and you’ll get your bike back!

What is the most stolen motorcycle?

Most stolen motorcycle makes in the United States in 2019

Characteristic Number of thefts
American Honda Motor Co., Inc. 8,122
Yamaha Motor Corporation 6,495
Harley Davidson, Inc. 4,737
American Suzuki Motor Corporation 4,686

Can I claim insurance for bike scratches?

If you have been buying two wheeler insurance for quite some time, you would have come across a piece of advice that states one should not raise claims for a small amount. … Insurance is not a go-to solution when your bike gets scratched or suffers minor bumps.

What do police do about stolen bikes?

The first step is to report your bike stolen to the police. You can find your local station by visiting Ideally, you will need a frame number and a tag, if you’ve got one. If you’ve got bike insurance, then you’ll need to report the theft within 24 hours of discovery.

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What is the punishment for stealing a bike?


Unlawful taking of a bicycle or vessel is a misdemeanor offense. If convicted of unlawful taking of a bicycle, a defendant can be sentenced to up to three months in jail and a maximum $400 fine (plus penalties and assessments).

Why do people steal bikes?

“We have some really good results for cycle thieves, we arrest a lot of people. … It is a crime, and if there’s an opportunity to arrest someone, we will.” “There’s an organised element,” he adds. “People steal bikes to get money or to go and commit crimes, people steal bikes to sell to buy drugs.”

What happens if you buy a stolen bicycle?

The vehicle will be confiscated. Unless you can show correct paperwork proving your purchase was in good faith, and you have receipts, contact information for the seller, and are willing to identify them and if necessary testify against that person, they will assume you stole the item. Bicycles not as big a deal.