Is mod 2 bike test hard?

The Mod1 test is a motorcyle test carried out on a closed circuit. An environment where you will likely never ride a motorcycle again. It is difficult to practise for in your own time, and feels unnatural and often unnerving whilst you’re ‘inside the fence’.

What should I expect on mod 2 bike test?

The module 2 test normally takes about 40 minutes and includes: an eyesight check. ‘show me, tell me’ vehicle safety questions. road riding.

How long is a mod 2 bike test?

The Module 2 Motorcycle Test consists entirely of riding on the road being followed by a DVSA examiner and lasts around 35 minutes. 10 minutes of the test involves riding independently – for example, following road signs to a specific destination.

Is Mod 2 Difficult?

Had to remind myself the whole of the road to the centre is 20MPH as I wasn’t expecting to be there so soon. Nerves aside, Mod 2 is easy. I was definately more nervous for Mod 2, it’s like it’s the biggun’. In my opinion both the tests are very easy – if everything goes well.

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Is MOD 1 or MOD 2 harder?

You can’t put your foot down during the slow control stuff until you come to a stop, otherwise it is an instant fail. Mod 2 is an observed ride on the road. Mod 1 is harder than Mod 2 but it is possible to pass both first time.

How much is Mod 1 and 2?

How much does test or retest cost?

Module 1 £15.50
Module 2 £75 (Mon to Fri)
Module 2 (Saturday) £88.50 (Where offered)

Can I do my mod 2 on my own bike?

You can ride your own bike without instruction on mods 1 and 2, but you cannot ride it to the test centre so you will need somebody to ride or take it there for you.

What is the pass rate for module 1 bike test?

Module 1 differences

Since 2010, 327,771 bikers have attempted Module 1 of a motorcycle test, with 226,712 riders passing the test at a pass rate of 69.2 per cent. Males account for almost 290,000 of the Module 1 tests taken; with a pass rate of 71.6 per cent enough to see more than 207,000 passes overall.

What does MOD 2 allow to ride?

The second part of the practical test, module two, is a 40-minute on-road test that includes road riding, independent riding and motorcycle safety check questions. You’ll have to read a number plate from a distance of: 20 metres for vehicles with a new-style number plate.

Is it hard to pass motorcycle test?

Whether experienced or beginner, you will need to take the written portion of the test. It can be more difficult than the written test for an automobile, but the DMV has a handy book with all the material you need to succeed and pass the test.

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How many minors can you have on a Mod 2 test?

No more than 10 rider faults are allowed

The examiner will solicit any further candidate feedback in case anything was not understood. To ‘pass’ the test a candidate must have no more than 10 rider faults (referred to as ‘minors’), plus no ‘major’ faults, which would result in a ‘fail’.

What size bike can I ride after Mod 1?

Car driving test passed on or after 1 February 2001

After completing CBT, you will be able to ride a moped or motorcycle with L plates – up to 125cc (11kW max).

How much is a Mod 2 test?

Mod 2 Test Cost

The module 2 motorcycle test costs: £75 on weekdays. £88.50 on evenings, weekends and bank holidays.

How long is a mod 1 valid for?

Your Module 1 pass certificate lasts until the date your Motorcycle Theory Test certificate expires, so that could be nearly two years or a matter of days. The exception is if you are on the Progressive Access route in which case your Theory Test certificate only lasts for 6 months.

Is Mod 1 bike test hard?

MOD2 is fairly easy if you have plenty of road experience but is unpredictable, you don’t know the route or traffic or what other drivers are up to. It’s hard to say, if you have good bike control then mod 1 isn’t that bad, nerves can get the better of you though quite easy.