How much is a BMW bicycle?

How much do BMW bicycles cost?

The BMW cycle price in India starts at Rs 1.07 lakhs for the base variant while the flagship M Bike retails at a whopping Rs 1.48 Lakhs.

Does BMW sell bicycles?

While it might be better known for vehicles of the motorized variety, for over 60 years BMW has also been manufacturing a range of high-end bicycles.

How much does a cycle bike cost?

Expect to pay around $400–500 for a decent casual bike. For bikes such as flat bar and road bikes, you can find decent models for less than $1000 but expect to pay well over $1000 for good quality.

Are BMW Cycles good?


It is a compact and good looking machine. There was no major discomfort riding on bad roads due to the 28” wheels. It is one of the best city commute bikes I have tested. The riding position is comfortable and upright.

Which cycle is best for adults?

  • from ₹15,999. Dexter Front Suspension 21-Speed Adventure Sports Mountain Bike for Men’s and Women’s Bike with Lightweight 18 Inch Carbon Steel Frame 26×4 inch Tires Bicycle. …
  • pricefrom ₹7,600. Hero Sprint Thorn 26T Single Speed Mountain Bicycle with Rigid Fork (14 Years Above) …
  • price₹9,895. ₹9,999.00. …
  • price₹6,999.
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Do Ferrari make cycles?

Ferrari has a new set of wheels for the road, but only 30 lucky bicycle connoisseurs will get a ride. Now, thanks to Pininfarina, Ferrari’s main design partner for the last 60 years, you can apply that rule to a blinged-out, $9,835 bicycle. …

Does Audi make bicycle?

The Greman brand has recently revealed a performance electric bicycle named e-bike Wörthersee. The new Audi cycle looks dynamic and futuristic.

Audi E-Bike Specifications.

Motor Electric Motor
Top Speed 80 KMPH
Charging Time 2.5 Hours
Range Up to 70 KM
Frame Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer

Does Mercedes make a bike?

Mercedes-Benz Style’s collaboration with Argon 18 is based on a minimalistic concept of the bicycle. In collaboration with FSA, Vision and Fabric, the bicycle features high-end, invisible and pure components. A top-end bicycle in every detail.

How expensive is a good bike?

The bikes we’ve tested have cost from about $300 to nearly $2,000. We found that more money buys a lightweight frame made of carbon fiber, aluminum (or a combination of both materials), or high-strength steel and other high-quality components. But you can still buy a good bike for just a few hundred dollars.

What is the best bike to buy?

  • Road bikes are best for riding on smooth, asphalted roads. …
  • Mountain bikes are best for riding off road. …
  • Hybrid bikes are a very popular choice for bike commuters, thanks to their versatility. …
  • Touring bikes are built for the road less travelled, and also make excellent commuters for rough city roads.

What is a good bike for a woman?

The 8 Best Bikes for Women of 2021

  • Best Budget: Roadmaster Granite Peak Ladies Mountain Bike at Amazon. …
  • Best Mountain Bike: Royce Union RMT Womens 21-Speed All-Terrain Mountain Bike at Amazon. …
  • Best Folding Bike: Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike at Amazon. …
  • Best Cruiser: …
  • Best Road Bike: …
  • Best Hybrid: …
  • Best for Beginners: …
  • Best for Commuters:
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How long do BMW bikes last?

It is almost never the engines in BMW`s that are the problem; properly serviced with clean oil at regular intervals, and no abusive riding, they should easily see 200,000 miles.

Are BMW bikes expensive to maintain?

BMWs are known for being pretty reliable and made from top quality materials. Their products are also pretty expensive, so you shouldn’t be surprised to see that one of their motorbikes makes our list for being expensive to maintain.

Does BMW make cycles?


Lightweight, Dynamic and quick – the BMW Cruise Bike is ideal for urban use. The design inspired by the fixie trend and the high-quality components of the BMW Cruise Bike also create the unique BMW handling for bike riding.