How much does it cost to rent a bike at Whistler?

How much does it cost to rent a bike in Whistler?

Downhill Bike Rentals – Pricing

Rental Rates 4 Hr 3 Day
DH Bike Only $99 $322
DH Junior + Armour $74 $275
DH Junior Bike Only $59 $185
DH Insurance $25 $75

Can you rent a bike at Whistler?

Summit Sport Bike Rentals

From our expert knowledge of the bike park to our top of the line rental bikes. Let Summit Sport create the Whistler adventure you deserve. Select from Downhill, Cross Country, Valley, or Junior Bikes. An open face helmet is included with each rental.

How much is a day pass at Whistler Bike Park?

Full Day Tickets

1 Day Ticket $73* ($83 Regular)
2 Day Ticket (Valid 2 of 3 days) $146* ($166 Regular)
3 Day Ticket (Valid 3 of 5 days) $213* ($243 Regular)
4 Day Ticket (Valid 4 of 6 days) $280* ($320 Regular)

What kind of bike do I need for Whistler?

A 7″ travel bike will be just fine at whistler, you may not be a kona, but check out the entourage its a pretty cool bike. If you are getting a bike just for riding the chairlift, get a DH bike.

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Do you need a downhill bike for Whistler?

For most riders, it is recommended that a downhill mountain bike is used. A modern downhill bike has both front and rear suspension. This suspension soaks up all the bumps on the bike trails and makes them easier to ride. … Downhill mountain bikes can be rented from any of the bike stores in Whistler.

How much does it cost to ride at Whistler?

Early Season: May 31, 2021 – June 11, 2021

Ticket Adult 19-64 Youth 13-18 & Senior (65+)
1 Day $73 $65
2 of 3 Days $146 $130
3 of 5 Days $213 $188
4 of 6 Days $280 $248

How much is a Whistler lift ticket?

Whistler Blackcomb Day Pass 2021/22

Ticket Type Adult (13+ Yrs) Unrestricted Child (7 – 12 Yrs) Restricted*
1 Day $111 $47
2 Day $216 $92
3 Day $314 $133
4 Day $407 $172

Are e bikes allowed at Whistler Bike Park?

The Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) is prepping an official policy for e-bikes. … Under the RMOW’s draft policy, Class 1 e-bikes would be allowed on the Valley Trail and on all recreational trails (except areas that prohibit biking), but prohibited from Whistler’s Alpine Trail Network.

How hard is a line Whistler?

A-Line is a 1.5 mile heavily trafficked point-to-point trail located near Whistler, British Columbia, Canada that offers scenic views and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for bird watching and mountain biking and is best used from April until October.

What is the best bike for Whistler?

Either way, Hob Nob et al are right, a DH bike is nice as they can take the abuse better, but a modern 150-160mm bike will be fine. The Whistler Blackcomb rental fleet is half and half Reigns and Glorys.

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Do you need a full face helmet for bike park?

Helmet (Mandatory) – A helmet is required for all riders in the bike park. We strongly recommend a full-face helmet to provide the greatest range of protection. Goggles – Wrap-around goggles are the best choice for eye protection against dirt, branches, and other obstacles you’ll encounter on the trails or in a crash.