How long does Bikes Direct take to ship?

Most orders arrive in 3 to 7 business days transit time. It takes 1 to 2 days for order processing. This is a possible total of up to 10 days. These times are not guaranteed nor refundable if delays occur.

Are bikes from Bikes Direct any good?

As far as Bikes Direct being a legitimate, trustworthy business, then yes, they are legit. Poke around at as well, since that’s their other site that they usually sell loose/blemished/discounted parts at. … Obviously there is some assembly with a BD bike which is pretty basic.

Where do Bikes Direct Bikes ship from?

We ship directly from the distribution warehouse. We also minimize our overhead by selling exclusively through the Internet.

Where are bikes direct made?

A little quick research on the ‘net revealed that Motobecane USA bikes are made by Kinesis Industry of Portland, OR at a plant in Guangzhou, China, and that they also make Diamondback, Felt Bicycles, GT Bicycles, Schwinn, Jamis, K2, Raleigh, Trek, Kross and Kona, as well as Motobecane USA, Dawes USA, Cycles Mercier, …

How are bikes direct bikes?

Bikes Direct reaches a price point in the same way that any other brand does. You build a decent frame, hang a few nice drivetrain parts on it, and then drive the price down by substituting cheaper parts for the stem, bars, saddle, seatpost hubs, spokes, and rims.

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Can I trust bikes direct?

Registered. True it is a real company, and yes they do have some pretty good deals on bikes. And yes…you should know what your doing before you buy a bike from there. You really need to know your fit requirements before buying a bike online…from anywhere, not just BD.

Are bikes from Walmart good?

The best thing about a walmart bike is the warantee. Yes, they are indeed that bad. They are very poorly manufactured, and often poorly assembled. Unlike other varieties of low-end stuff one might find at a place like Wal-Mart, the problem with crappy bikes is that they have the potential to really be dangerous.

Why are all of the bikes out of stock?

While COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on supply chains and altered consumer behavior across the board, one of the industries most severely jolted has been the bike industry. Demand for bikes skyrocketed amid the pandemic, prompting a worldwide bike shortage that’s shown no signs of easing up.

Where is Motobecane manufactured?

The company that manufactures every last Motobecane Titanium Road and Mountain frame is called ORA Engineering Co. and is located in Taiwan.

Where are Motobecane frames made?

Ltd. is a manufacturer of aluminum and carbon fiber bicycle frames, forks, and components. Based in Taiwan, it has a plant in Guangzhou, China, and an American subsidiary (Kinesis USA, Inc.)

Is gravity a good bike brand?

The Gravity FSX 1.0 shows that you can truly have a high-quality mountain bike that is actually able to handle real trail riding, and still keep the price tag well under $500. … The Gravity FSX 1.0 may not have the big brand appeal, but it definitely delivers big brand performance, for far less.

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What country makes Motobecane bikes?

Motobécane is a different corporation from Motobecane USA, which imports a wide range of bicycles from Taiwan manufactured by Kinesis Industry Co. Ltd.


Type Private
Headquarters France
Products Bicycle and related components, mopeds and motorcycles

Are gravity bikes any good?

The bike feels good and definitely is robust and of high quality. I did not see any indication of the paint scratching easily as other reviewers have. The shocks are adequate and easily handled my 210 pounds but they do lack dampening so there is a lot of bounce, but what do you expect for the price.