How do you unscrew a bike chain link?

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How do you loosen a bicycle chain?

Chains often loosen when a bike does not have a derailleur. Derailleur is the gear changing mechanism towards the back of the bike.

How to Tighten a Bike Chain

  1. Loosen your tire. Loosen the bolts that hold your rear tire.
  2. Pull back the tire. …
  3. Find the appropriate tension.


The thing that causes most stiff links is compressing the sideplates too tightly together, a natural result of using a chain tool that presses in the chain pin under great force to install the chain.

How do you free up a chain?

Spritz the chain with whatever penetrating oil is handy and let ’em sit for a week. Have also dropped a few loops into the used oil/hydro bucket for a couple days. If a chain is rusted so bad it can’t be freed up by hand, I normally don’t trust the things. Stay safe!

How do you remove a chain without a master link?

If you have a standard chain with no master link: Seat the chain in the chain tool, with the pin of the chain tool aligned with a pin in the chain. Turn the handle of the chain tool until you push the pin out far enough that you can break the chain.

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Why does my bike chain slip when I pedal hard?

Most of the time, a skipping chain is caused by cable stretch. In the first half dozen rides on a new bike your shift cables stretch the most. They can also stretch over time as you ride. Hippley explains, “It takes cable tension to open a derailleur, which shifts your chain between gears.

What happens if bicycle chain is tight?

If the chain is too tight, the drivetrain will bind, perhaps only at one angle of the pedals (chainwheels are not usually perfectly concentric). It should be tight as it can be without binding. If the chain is too loose, it can fall off, which is quite dangerous on a fixed gear.