How do you break in a leather bike saddle?

There are many ways to speed up the breaking in period. The most common is to soak the saddle in hot water for 5 or 10 minutes, then take it out and rub lots of Mink Oil into the leather, on the top and bottom. After you’ve massaged the leather for 10 minutes, ride the saddle for a short ride, in an old pair of shorts.

How long does it take to break-in a leather bike saddle?

Leather saddles are substantially heavier than synthetic ones, and they do require breaking in. A new leather saddle is quite hard and rigid, and it takes several hundred miles to break one in.

How do you soften a bike saddle?

  1. Use a Thin Saddle Padding. For a moment, it sounds somewhat insane to suggest that you should add a thin padding to the saddle. …
  2. Get the Right Saddle. …
  3. Adjust the Saddle. …
  4. Sit Right on the Saddle. …
  5. Dress Up Properly for a Bike Ride. …
  6. Keep Riding Your Bike. …
  7. Sometimes You Just Have to Stand Up.
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How long does it take to break-in a Brooks leather saddle?

He outlines 13 steps to breaking in a Brooks (or similar leather) saddle. The whole process takes about three to four days. This technique does not work with leather saddles that have a fabric or mesh-like backing on the underside like the Rivet and others.

How long does it take to break-in a bike saddle?

Brooks saddles are made of natural leather and vary in thickness which means that every saddle has a slightly different “break-in” period. In general, however, most people say that at least 400km (248miles) are needed to see results.

Are leather bike seats good?

A good leather bicycle saddle is superior in almost every way. Pros: Leather is durable, so the bike saddle will last long time. … Leather will weather over time, and (if you take care of it) looks better the longer you own it.

Are leather bike saddles better?

Leather Saddles Are More Durable

Many synthetic materials can’t compare to leather’s resilience. The leather may stretch over time, but the seat frame is designed so that you can increase the tension as this happens. Depending on how much you ride, the leather can support you for years.

How do I know if my bike saddle is too narrow?

Your saddle supports your sit bones – the ends of your pelvic bones that protrude when you sit down. If your bicycle saddle is too narrow then your sit bone or ischial tuberosity will extend over the side of the saddle, placing your weight on the soft tissue of your genitals.

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How do I make my bike seat not hurt?

Again, to summarize:

  1. Stand on the pedals once in a while (or at least shift your position on the seat).
  2. Adjust the tilt of your saddle.
  3. 3 Grease Up.
  4. Try a different style underwear.
  5. Adjust your bike.
  6. Get a pair of real bike shorts (and ditch the underwear altogether)
  7. Lose weight… Eat less, ride more.
  8. Change your saddle.

Why are bicycle seats so hard?

Bicycle saddles are designed to allow you to pedal, not just to sit. They are small so that they don’t get in the way of your pedalling and they are relatively hard so that they don’t soak up your pedalling energy in bouncing up and down on padding instead of turning the pedals.

How do you break-in a Brooks saddle fast?

For a Faster Break-in:

  1. Lightly coat the entire surface of the saddle.
  2. Let it sit for about 10 mins.
  3. Polish it off with a clean rag to remove excess.


How long does a Brooks saddle last?

No … like I said, mine has 50,000 km (more than twice the amount of riding as yours) on it and is still going strong after 5 years, and after 5 years of riding in all sorts of conditions. I could well imagine it could last another 5 or 10 or maybe even 15.

Do bike saddles need breaking in?

Some more traditional saddle brands do require a breaking in period but modern designs should be good to go straight out of the box. … As you get stronger, you put more weight through the pedals, less through the saddle and should suffer less discomfort.

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Do bike seats break in?

There is no break-in period. Saddles are similar to shoes in that the fit is very personal and a pair of thick leather boots will need a break in period, unlike a pair of soft-soled synthetic shoes. There is no one saddle that fits everyone, and the shape and adjustment is sometimes more important than the material.

Do bike saddles need to be broken?

Yes, it will take a litte time to break in a new saddle (remeber, the saddle should be broken in, not you!), but 50 miles is sufficient to get a good idea.