How do you adjust a front derailleur on a bike?

How do you adjust the tension on a front derailleur?

Begin with the chain on the smallest cog. Relax the cable tension completely using the cable barrel adjuster. Place a hand on the derailleur body to feel for any lateral motion, and select one screw to turn one full turn clockwise and then counter-clockwise. If you felt motion in the derailleur, this is the “L” screw.

How do you adjust the front derailleur height?

Adjust to the correct height

The front derailleur should run parallel to the chainrings. If it doesn’t, loosen the bolt attaching it to the frame and twist it into the correct position. When directly above the large chainring, the outer edge of the derailleur should sit 2-3mm above the teeth of the chainring.

How do you adjust a front derailleur barrel adjuster?

Turn the barrel adjuster counterclockwise (a quarter turn at a time) to move the derailleur cage inward, away from the chain surface. Turn it clockwise to move the cage outward.

Should I adjust front or rear derailleur first?

In a nutshell, adjust the front derailleur first, then the rear. If the derailers just need minor tweaking (they are basically in adjustment but are “not quite right”) then you adjust the one that is obviously wrong, check the overall adjustment again, then again adjust what needs adjusting.

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How tight should front derailleur cable be?

You need to pull it pretty tight before clamping it to the derailleur. Probably as tight as you can. Usually I find that’s still not tight enough, so I screw the barrel adjuster down all the way before putting the cable in and then open it up until the tension is correct.

Are front derailleurs necessary?

Front mech is not necessary to climb slopes. You can swap out the rear cassette for even larger one if you need lower gearing. With 10 speed cassettes, you can easily have a rear cog with more teeth than the crank. i.e. 40T rear with a 36T crank would give you granny gear like low without a front derailleur.

How do you align a derailleur?

Hop off your bike and do this: Shift your chain into the biggest chainring and smallest cog, then loosen the cable clamp bolt (where the cable attaches to the derailleur). Leave the derailleur in the smallest cog and adjust the high limit screw. Push the derailleur in the largest cog and adjust the low limit screw.

How do you adjust a front derailleur without a barrel adjuster?

With no cable, put the chain in the small ring and big sprocket. Adjust the inner stop so that there is just the minimum of clearance to the chain. With the shifter in the released, small ring position, hold the end of the cable with pliers and put some tension on it as you tighten the clamp.