Does the Smart Trike fold up?

SmarTfold has a unique, patented folding mechanism that allows the trikes to fully fold compactly, without any dismantling.

How do you fold a trike?

To fold, simply lower the parent control bar, and remove it from the trike. Then, collapse the canopy and handlebars, and squeeze the buttons on either side of the trike to fold it in toward itself.
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Can you move the seat forward on a smarTrike?

Your smarTrike® is suitable for even younger babies with the reclining swivel seat that can face you or the world straight on. With one action, rotate the seat 180° to switch between parent facing and forward facing positions.

Is the Doona Liki trike worth it?

Closing Thoughts. The Doona Liki Trike is the best foldable tricycle on the market right now, and it’s price tag is worth the investment as it can be used over several years as your child grows.

Can you take the pedals off a smart trike?

Pull hub out to disengage pedals. Parent can use the push handle to control tricycle steering at stage 1 & 2. To prevent entrapment of child’s feet, make sure the wheel hub is pulled out to disengage pedals.

Can you steer a smart trike?

The smarTrike Touch Steering Has Got You Covered. Presenting, smarTrike Touch Steering: a patented design that makes steering a toddler trike so easy that you can even do it with one hand. … You’ll be surprised at how smooth and effortless it becomes to push your child along in their smarTrike toddler trike.

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How do you change the controls on a smart trike?

You or your little adventurer? Decide in an instant; press the red button on the front wheel mudguard and twist the wheel 180° to switch trike steering control.