Best answer: Is Avalanche a good bike brand?

GT is a company that is well known in the world of cycling, for the tremendous amount of really solid bikes they put out over the years. The Avalanche is one of these that is available for a really affordable price and will rise to the top of your list in terms of good bikes.

Are Avalanche bikes good?

Avalanche bikes are popular around the world, with the iconic GT triple-triangle frame design immediately recognizable to most cyclists. The bikes represent good value-for-money but aren’t particularly specialized in any area of mountain biking, rather providing an all-round trail riding experience.

Which is better GT Avalanche or aggressor?

The GT Aggressor Comp, GT Avalanche Comp, and Trek Marlin 5 are all 27.5″ / 29″ aluminum frame hardtail crosscountry bikes. The Avalanche Comp has much better components, a better fork, and a bigger fork; while the Marlin 5 has higher gearing.

Where are avalanche bicycles made?

Avalanche Bicycles is a South African company head-quartered in Cape Town, so rest assured, we will be there for you when it counts.

Is the GT Avalanche 2.0 a good bike?

As a calm, controlled cruiser or commuter it’s solid, secure and accurately enjoyable. But push the pace on serious trails and the soft fork and rock solid frame are punishing, not performance enhancing. To complement the Avalanche Disc’s chunky cosmetics, GT have laid on a suitably surefooted, solid ride.

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What is a good mountain bike for beginners?

Here you’ll find something to suit any budget, from low-cost entry-level bikes under $500 to good quality intermediate bikes above $1,000.

  • Cannondale – Trail 5. Best men’s beginner mountain bike! …
  • Co-op Cycles – DRT 3.1. …
  • LIV – Tempt 1. …
  • GT – Avalanche Comp. …
  • Trek – X-Caliber 7.

What is the best affordable mountain bike?

Best budget mountain bikes under $500

  • Cube Aim 29. …
  • NS Bikes Eccentric Lite 2. …
  • Rocky Mountain Growler 20. …
  • Vitus Nucleus 27 VR. …
  • Nukeproof Scout 275 Race. …
  • Specialized Fuse 27.5. …
  • Marin San Quentin 2. Head banging hardtail for smashing gnarly trails. …
  • Vitus Sentier 29 VR. Affordable do-everything 29er hardtail.


Are GT Palomar bikes good?

Well, the GT Palomar is the best bike to explore your abilities and is straight from the classic bike company, GT. … All in all, the Palomar is the perfect introduction to mountain biking.

Is GT a good brand?

GT is a reliable and recognizable brand and it’s hard to beat the quality and build for this price. Another GT Bike, the Verbe Elite full-suspension mountain bike is featured in our Best Cheap Mountain Bikes list. … But those are relatively affordable swaps, and don’t takeaway from the overall value of these bikes.

What does GT Bikes stand for?

GT standing for the initials of its founder, Gary Turner. Richard sold his bike shop and began selling frames as fast as possible to bicycle distributors across the USA and into Europe.

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What type of bike is the GT Avalanche?

GT Bicycles: Avalanche Sport – 2021

GT’s Avalanche Sport is perfect for the mountain biker who wants a trustworthy ride, this MTB features a XCT-DS suspension fork, Shimano Altus 9 speed shifter, and Shimano Alivio derailleur, that will help you develop your skills.

How many gears does a GT Avalanche have?


Number of gears 27
Chain 9spd type
Front Hub Alloy Disc QR
Rear Hub Alloy Cassette Disc QR
Spokes 14G Stainless